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Our son Bill Bedford lived with Muscular Dystrophy for 43 years.
He helped found this website. He went home to the Lord in 2013.
My wife Kathleen Ann Bedford - Married 56 years- went home to Jesus on 9/19/2022 and to our two sons Eddie and Bill after an Alzheimer's related illness. A friend said, "Heaven is rejoicing in her presence!"  Ed Bedford


Our truck freight shipper, PackShip USA or our shipping via independent insured common carriers, is responsible to prepare and package your product in such a manner to as protect it from loss or damage under normal conditions. Occasionally packages will be mishandled resulting in damage to the contents. We and PackShip USA has set forth the following guidelines to share with our customers about how their claims process works.

In order to ensure that a smooth and accurate delivery occurs, PackShip USA will contact the receiving party (known as the consignee or customer) when an order is shipped to provide receiving instructions. Those instructions advise the consignee that the order has been shipped, who the carrier is, how to contact them, the estimated arrival date, details about the delivery, and importantly, that they will need to INSPECT THE PIECES THAT THEY ARE RECEIVING AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY.

Each carton when received should be examined for signs of damage and mishandling. If there is noticeable or questionable damage to the container, you the customer may request the container be opened and the contents be inspected. The receiver (customer) and the driver should agree on the condition of the contents, and the freight bill (or delivery receipt) noted to reflect such a condition.

Specific notations by you the customer greatly reduce the chance of controversy when the claim is filed. Do not attempt to document anything on the delivery receipt other than the objective findings. Even if a shipment is damaged, it should be received by you the customer.

Any exceptions in condition to items noted after the delivery receipt is signed clear (concealed damage) are handled on a case-by-case basis. PACKSHIP USA OR WE MUST BE NOTIFIED OF CONCEALED DAMAGE WITHIN TEN DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE ORDER for a claim to be considered. Regulations concerning concealed damages have been set forth in the Interstate Commerce Commission's ruling under Ex Parte 263 which states, "It is incumbent upon the consignee to offer reasonable evidence to the carrier's representative when the inspection is made that the loss or damage was not incurred by the consignee after the delivery of the shipment by the carrier."

PackShip USA and we will assist in the resolution of the claim by working with the consignee (you the customer), store and carrier. Resolution of the claim can include repairing the item, selling the items for salvage, or replacing the item. It is the legal obligation of the receiver (you the customer) to make every reasonable effort to mitigate (reduce) the loss by storing and handling the damaged item carefully and correctly.

Consequential losses are not subject to a loss claim. Also time off work to receive a delivery is not subject to a loss claim. Please call PackShip USA at 800-548-0852 if you the customer are experiencing difficulties making your appointment arrangements. Carriers do an excellent job in delivering many shipments each day, but at times are forced to reschedule deliveries due to weather, equipment and scheduling difficulties, or other unforeseen circumstances.

If an item is damaged and a claim is to be filed, the claims process begins with the submission of photographs by you the customer. The photos can be mailed to PackShip USA, or emailed to [email protected] Every effort will be made to settle the claim in a timely, fair and reasonable way.

Items that PackShip USA packages and releases are insured by PackShip USA while the items are in transit with PackShip USA's carrier.

For more information about PackShip USA services, please email them: [email protected] Or Call Toll Free: 1 - 800 - 548 - 0852.

 Our Educational Electronics Inc and www.artsinheaven.com phone numbers are: TOLL FREE: 844-297-8827 or  regular phones 234-301-9077.

Our son Bill Bedford lived with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy from Feb 19, 1970 when he was born to October 19, 2013 when he went Home to be with the Lord.
We miss him terribly. We will continue to operate this web site just as he designed it and wanted it to be run. God Bless us All! Ed and Kathy Bedford

Weather and other delays often occur in the Amish and our community, thus we are completely unable to GUARANTEE any delivery. We and they will do our best, but we are not liable in any way for delays, regardless of the cause!
Because hardwood is a natural product, created by nature and then finished by skilled Amish craftsmen, you can expect the usual variations in wood color, stain color, some degree of cherry pits, even in so-called clear cherry (Filled for regular cherry, normally open for Rustic Cherry). Knots vary from minor to major for the Rustic versions of the hardwoods, QSWO, OAK, CHERRY and HICKORY.
Our sizes are nominal and should be correct, but we may also make errors. If a given dimension is critical, please call to let us know that and to confirm the dimensions. Differences of an inch or so are not errors, but just the result of the hand made process as practiced by the Amish builders. Thanks!

Hardwoods may contain mineral deposits, pits, gum streaks, small pin holes, knots, color differences, unusual grain patterns, darker heart wood, lighter sap wood, etc. However, it is these attributes that comprise the beauty of hardwood furniture. No two items are exact duplicates, and therefore Educational Electronics Inc. makes no representation or guarantee that Customer's furniture will appear exactly as another.

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330 958 5862
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