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Amish Rocking Chair Hickory Oak Comfortable Back and Seating

Amish Rocking Chair Hickory Oak Comfortable Back and Seating


Adult hickory rocker is a fine example of Amish craftsmanship with two coats of a very durable clear finish.
The Nails are steel with a tight holding shank. And also screws are used for the larger parts of the frame.
All major parts of the chairs are fastened tightly! 
The seat and back is OAK bent by hand to a shape that provides for maximum seating comfort.
The Oak seating is comfortable and spaced quite regularly as is shown in the photo.
Hickory is a renewable hardwood source that can grow with the need.
24 inches W x 32 inches D x 43 1/2 inches H approximately.
Ships in 12 - 14 weeks.


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Our son Eddie Bedford lived with Muscular Dystrophy for 13 years and went home to Jesus in 1980.

Our son Bill Bedford lived with Muscular Dystrophy for 43 years. He helped found this website. He went home to the Lord in 2013.

My wife Kathleen Ann Bedford - Married 56 years- went home to Jesus on 9/19/2022 and to our two sons Eddie and Bill after an Alzheimer's related illness. A friend said, "Heaven is rejoicing in her presence!"  Ed Bedford
A friend said:

Ed: I remember you and Kathy as you mourn her loss. You blessed her so beautifully as you worked so hard to keep her at home with you. She fought the good fight against Alzheimer’s and is at peace with her maker. You fought the good fight against Alzheimer’s with her and your halo may be waiting. But, you are still alive and given the gift of earthly life for perhaps several years yet. Enjoy them, celebrating the family you have loved so absolutely beautifully. 


One great reason that Eddie and Bill and Kathy had such full and productive lives was due to our daughter Sharon (Bedford) Douglas and her great help to us from her time as an infant. Her husband Dan Douglas stepped forward over 26 years ago since their engagement to add a level of comfort and wonderful activities for Bill and Kathy and me, Ed, first at their home in Michigan and later when they moved to Rocky River, Ohio! From almost the time they were infants our granddaughters, Zoe age 24, and Lucy age 16 were always there for Bill and Kathy, and me.

When Kathy went to the nursing home when I took ill, Sharon and Dan handled all the financial and bureaucratic details to get Kathy enrolled permanently at Ennis Court. They and Zoe and Lucy visited her there regularly with flowers and games and news of the family. Kathy was taken care of very well there and enjoyed the food and the staff and the fresh flowers inside and outside the home. She was happy there until her transfer to hospice, almost a year later.